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Custom Fabric Labels for Crochet and Knit Items of Any Kind

Where'd you get those labels from?  For me, the final touches are just as important as creating the piece or project. For a while after I started selling my crochet and knit pieces, I wanted to find the perfect label. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted other then something that would make the piece look finished and professional. Something that told people that I, The Apple Tree Crochet, made that item. Something that tells people that I take pride in what I create because I put my name on it. So the search to find the perfect label began. Wooden or leather labels came to mind first because that is what I was seeing everywhere on social media and it also seemed to be my only choice for knit or crochet pieces. I spent countless nights mulling over my options but none of them seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.  Eventually, I settled on ordering custom wooden labels. Wooden Custom Labels These labels were very nice, but not really what I was looking

How to Crochet a Hat in ANY size, using ANY stitch with ANY yarn

2 Things that once you know you can crochet a hat in ANY size, using ANY stitch with ANY yarn I often have people asking if I can make a hat similar to one that they found online. I am usually quick to say yes without even looking to see if a pattern exists because I have a hard time saying no and because I love a challenge.  This past Halloween I had a local shop owner send me a picture of a Poppy the Troll hat that she had found online and was wanting to add to her shop. For inspiration, I googled a picture of Poppy the Troll, the cartoon character and quickly got to work on creating my own version of the hat. Here is what I came up with;  Crochet Poppy the Troll Hat In my early days of crocheting I often relied heavily on using a pattern, but over the years I have learned 2 important things that once you know you can create your own crochet hat in any size, using any stitch with any yarn. **The following information is based on crocheting a hat from the top down

Crochet Chair Socks Free Pattern

How to Crochet Chair Socks, Free Pattern I am excited and a little nervous to be writing this blog post. I have wanted to blog and share my patterns and newly learned knowledge for crocheting for the longest time now, but the idea was kind of overwhelming for me. Where do I start? What do I write about? Will people like it? Will it be useful if there is already information exactly like it on the world wide web? Ugh! So much overthinking! No more overthinking for this gal.....okay I will probably still think about it way to much and for the first few posts I will probably write something and delete it 100 times, but at least I am doing it. I will be posting about current projects, interesting information that I have gathered through various sources and products that I have tried and liked or not liked. One of the many projects that I currently have on the go guessed it. Chair Socks. A friend messaged me a picture of some chair socks that her cousin saw and liked a