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Easy and Quick Mother's Day Gift

Easy 20 minute Mother's Day Gift!

Oh and did I mention it is also inexpensive.

Time is of the essence in my household. I just recently relocated and have spent the last month moving, unpacking and getting my family settled into their new surroundings.

With Mother's Day just around the corner I needed a super quick and easy idea that didn't break the bank. For one gift I made a jute owl basket and filled it with dishcloths and pot scrubbers.

I wanted to add a little something more. So I decided to make a jute pot holder with the left over jute twine I had purchased from the local dollar store.

Here is what I came up with;

Quick and Easy Jute Pot Holder Pattern;

Materials you will need are;

*crochet hook K (6.5mm)
*yarn needle
*jute twine (I found mine at dollarama)

To start begin with a magic ring;

Round 1: Chain 4 ( this counts as a double crochet plus chain 1 -2sts-)
*Double crochet 1, then chain 1* repeat directions between the * for a total of 9 times. Join …