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My New Favorite Knit Shawl

How to Make this Amazing Knit Shawl I absolutely LOVE making shawls/ neck wraps. I have tried various different patterns of shawls in the past. Some crocheted and some knit, but I have to say this pattern is by far my favorite one to date.  The linear design of this pattern is what attracted me to it. It just looks so simple and stylish. Not to mention the fringe. I mean seriously, who doesn't love fringe. It's such a cute way to give it that little extra something.  Love the linear design and simplicity of this shawl Other shawl patterns that I have tried in the past have either turned out way too big or just a little bit too small to wrap nicely with the perfect draped look to it. This shawl drapes perfectly on me when I wear it and doesn't feel too big or bulky.  Love how it drapes on me when I wear it.  I found this pattern on Pinterest one day when I was in search of the perfect neck wrap. I was looking for somethin

Teacher Appreciation Gift - Free Crochet Pattern

Apple Dishcloth - Free Crochet Pattern Wow! Where has the time gone? Another year of school is almost over. Maybe it is because this year has been jam packed full of exciting changes for us that it seems to have flown by. Since the beginning of September we have; busted our butts on home renovations, sold a house, went on house hunting trips, purchased a new house, moved across Canada, unpacked and started on more home renovations.  I've got to hand it to my kids, the have been really amazing with the whole transition. Moving in the middle of a school year is not an easy thing to do. My (almost 13 year old) daughter was my biggest concern because thirteen is a really difficult age to start over with friends and school. Astonishingly, I just attended an end of year assembly this morning where she received an award for her character...…Gotta' say I'm a pretty proud momma at the moment.  Not only was I blessed with amazing kids, but we have also been blessed wit