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My New Favorite Knit Shawl

How to Make this Amazing Knit Shawl

free knitting pattern

I absolutely LOVE making shawls/ neck wraps. I have tried various different patterns of shawls in the past. Some crocheted and some knit, but I have to say this pattern is by far my favorite one to date. 

The linear design of this pattern is what attracted me to it. It just looks so simple and stylish. Not to mention the fringe. I mean seriously, who doesn't love fringe. It's such a cute way to give it that little extra something. 

free knit shawl pattern
Love the linear design and simplicity of this shawl

Other shawl patterns that I have tried in the past have either turned out way too big or just a little bit too small to wrap nicely with the perfect draped look to it. This shawl drapes perfectly on me when I wear it and doesn't feel too big or bulky. 

free knit pattern
Love how it drapes on me when I wear it. 

I found this pattern on Pinterest one day when I was in search of the perfect neck wrap. I was looking for something quick, easy and stylish and this pattern at Fine Craft Guild was exactly what I was looking for. 

Follow the link below for the free pattern.

Sweet November Triangle Lace Shawl design by Caryl Pierre.

I followed the pattern pretty exact other than I ended up with just a little over 180 stitches and I added the fringe to every second stitch. 

free knit pattern
I added fringe every second stitch 

For the yarn I used Lion Brand Yarns, "Scarfie" color Cream/Taupe one full ball. This yarn is a blend of 78% Acrylic and 22% Wool and I am not kidding you when I say it is soft and cozy. Sometimes I get itchy and irritated when wearing a neck wrap from the material. But this yarn does not bother me at all. Another cool feature about this yarn is the multi color pooling. It gives your shawl and nice color pooling effect without actually having to change colors while your knitting. 

lion brand scarfie yarn

scarfie yarn free pattern
I used the recommended 6.5mm needles 

I really enjoyed making this shawl and will definitely be making more. The pattern was super easy and I could put my work down and keep coming back to it in between projects. I'm thinking about selling them as I make them and want to try it with a few different types of yarn. I found this super cool yarn at Michaels, which is going to be on my hook next. I will keep you posted with the results.

loops and threads yarn
Going to try making the same pattern with this yarn next. #wip

Happy knitting everyone.


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